real estateNot all homes are created equal, and none is perfect either. That’s why it’s important to look into the intricacies of the home – from the outside to the inside – so that you won’t be surprised by deficiencies that you would otherwise miss on the first viewing.

Here are some of the details that you need to include in your personal home inspection checklist:


Check signs of cracks on ceilings and top and bottom portions of the walls, as well as the exterior portions of the house. Check also if there are trees nearby that may affect the foundation.


for signs of drainage around the premises. Take note of any area that appears soggy or wet.


Look at the overall condition and visual integrity, and check for nearby trees that may encroach on the roof. Ask the seller when the roof was last replaced.


Assess the condition of the outside of the house, whether it needs repairs or repainting in the near future. Check for integrity of gutters and downspouts, as well as presence of dangling wires or loose boards.


Look for any indication of leaks or damage in the interior of the roofing structure.

Indication of internal leaks:

Start by looking at the ceilings, windows, and other possible sources of leaks.


Check if there is dampness and adequate insulation inside.


Turn the switches on to see if they’re all working. Check for possible malfunctions and signs of grounding. Ask if the panel is updated, and check if it can be expanded for future addition of appliances or house remodeling.


Be alert for cracks and weird noises in the lines.


If these are included in the home purchase, ask about the age of the appliances (refrigerator, stove and dishwasher).

Heating or cooling system:

Check if the system is working properly. Ask about the age of the furnace and whether it was converted in the past.


Take note of any unpleasant odors inside the home. If you can, identify what the source is and check if it can be repaired. If you perceive a musty smell, it may be due to dampness in the basement area.

Doing your own home inspection is essential for any prospective home buyer, although you should consult the services of a professional licensed home inspector to scrutinize the property as soon as you make an offer.

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