atlanta homeNo matter how great a product is, it’s not going to sell if it gets subjected to poor marketing. The same is true in selling a home. Preparing the property for selling is important, but so is ensuring that it’s marketed properly.

After finding a Realtor to help out in the process and once you’ve chosen a list price for the home, the next thing that your Realtor should discuss with you is the marketing plan.

But wait, is your home ready?

Before you study the details of the marketing plan, make sure that your home is physically ready to be shown to prospective buyers. Your Realtor can only do so much in terms of putting the right price tag to your house and placing it on the market, but it’s your job to keep the place in tiptop shape.

While the real estate agent is busy with paperwork and putting your property up for listing, here are some of the things that you should do in preparing your home for prospects:

  • Clean the home. Nothing says new like a clean home, so tidy up the place before your first prospective buyer steps into the house.
  • Take out clutter. You may be tempted to fill the home with so many items to make it look more realistic, but some buyers may consider these things as clutter. Besides, leaving some space in the home can give an illusion that the area is big, and can give the buyer the chance to imagine how the house should look from the inside.
  • Remove personal things. Don’t leave your huge family portrait hanging on the wall. Let the buyers think that this is going to be their home, and not give the feeling that it was pre-owned.

Discuss things with your Realtor

You are the best person who can give information about what makes the house special. Perhaps the house has a huge bathroom, a secret hiding place behind the closet, or an amazing sunset view. Tell you Realtor about these value-adding features, because he / she may include these details in marketing materials.

The Realtor, meanwhile, knows what most buyers look for in a home. Take their advice when it comes to things that need attention, especially on areas that need to be repaired. Your agent may also advise you to check out model houses or nearby homes for sale, because you may get some tips on how to spruce up your property to make it more attractive.

What should you expect from your Realtor?

A typical Realtor may extend their services on the following areas:

  • Study the market in order to identify prospective buyers
  • Coordinate with fellow professionals who can refer buyers to you
  • Arrange for pictures or videos to be taken on your home for online viewing
  • Place your property on the Multiple Listing Service, making sure that the listing gets maximum exposure to prospects

More importantly, buyers may contact your Realtor to know more about the property. You should expect the agent to reach the buyers quickly in order to keep them interested.

What does the Realtor expect from you?

As you set expectations from your Realtor, he / she will expect you to do your part as well. Here are some of the things that you need to do in terms of marketing:

  • Prepare the house by cleaning, removing clutter and personal items, and repairing damaged items. Waiting for a buyer means that you may still be living on the home, but try to keep the house as clean as possible. Your family may need you to sacrifice some things such as cooking smelly dishes or allowing your kids to play around the house.
  • Speaking of sacrifice, accommodate requests for viewing as much as possible. This may also include securing your pets in locked cages or sending them to a friend’s house. These may be inconvenient for you and your family, but remember that this is just temporary.
  • During a house visit or open house, let the buyers roam around the home themselves. Give them some space, and approach them when they ask questions.
  • Try to answer as much as you can, especially in terms of value-adding features like neighborhood amenities and community events.

The process of marketing your home requires cooperation and coordination between you and the agent. If you put your effort and fair share in the marketing process, expect your home to be sold quickly.

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