atlanta homeIn the world of real estate, any seller can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer number of fellow sellers who are also interested in putting their properties up for sale in the market. Add to that the lengthy paperwork, financial commitments, and dealings with agents and buyers, and you’ve got yourself one complicated home selling process.

Of course, these difficulties should not hinder you from selling your home as you see fit. As long as you get the best possible deal and connect with the right professionals, you could end up with a successful and memorable transaction.

Speaking of professionals, one of the first steps in selling your home is to coordinate with a Realtor, who is a real estate professional licensed by the National Associations of Realtors. These professionals know the ins and outs of the real estate market, and are well-versed in the process of home selling. With the breadth of experience and experience that they have, hiring a Realtor will bring you peace of mind as you proceed with the selling of your house.

Is your home ready to be sold?

The moment you decide to have your home open to the buying market, you will need to go through months of preparation. Your property has been with you for some time, and so it’s natural for the structure to have some damages that need to be repaired and issues that should be addressed.

Start by wearing the shoes of a prospective buyer and look for imperfections in the home. Are there areas that need repainting, cleaning or repair? In other words, you need to answer this question: “What will make me buy this house?” Remember that people want to buy a house that looks spacious and beautiful, and feels comfortable.

On a more important standpoint, you need to check your motivation for selling the home. This is a significant milestone in your life, and you don’t want to make a haphazard decision on this matter. Your reason for selling may be related to any of the following: change in work location, relocation to a nearby school, a desire for bigger residential space, or something else. Whatever it is, discuss your reason with your agent, so that he / she can represent your best interests as they face prospective buyers.

Is there a good time to sell?

Although a good balance of buyers and sellers is available any time of the year, it’s good to offer your home up for sale in times when people are looking to enroll their children in school. That’s typically in the summer months, most notably in August when school is about to start. Apart from this specific season in the year, your agent or Realtor should be able to pinpoint the supply and demand chain in the real estate market. It’s best to sell when the demand is high.

Besides predicting the perfect time of year, you should also make sure that your home is ready to be shown to buyers. And before you start promoting your house on sale, hire a Realtor to help you get the best deal.

How do I increase the value of my home?

Buyers will naturally purchase the most cost-effective property – that is, a house that satisfies their residential requirements while keeping their budget intact. You can improve the attractiveness of your home by deciding on a good asking price. One of the factors that could influence this amount is the neighborhood or community where the house is located. Check the profile of neighboring homes in order to form a solid basis on your home’s value.

If you notice that your home looks inferior to the other houses around, you may opt to do improvements on the property – perhaps add a new bedroom, install new floorboards, or repaint the walls. Remember, though, that your home improvement must not go overboard; otherwise, you might end up with an overpriced house that no one can afford. Instead, think of improvements as a way to increase the value of the home, and not to merely impress buyers.

Updates or upgrades on your house must enhance the property value, follow the neighborhood feel, and not include capital investments. Some of the ways that could boost the home value include cosmetic changes (repainting, new wallpaper, or landscaping) and technical repairs (appliances, heating and cooling systems). Make sure that everything is working properly before putting your home up for sale.

Finally, ask your Realtor to help you arrive at a good selling price. He / she is familiar with the market and will be able to make your home highly competitive.

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